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Sealife Micro 2.0

Dive Below H2O Repair Services

Dive Below H2O Scuba has service technicians with experience servicing and repairing most regulators and dive equipment in use today. We also can repair old equipment if service parts are still available.

We are certified repair Techs for many brands. We are all PSI/PCI cylinder inspectors and we also have a PSI/PCI Instructor on staff. PSI/PCI inspectors are approved by DOT to inspect scuba cylinders and we at Dive Below H2O Scuba are trained to also service SCBA cylinders.

We also do Visual Plus Eddy Current testing on the old Aluminum Alloy cylinders manufactured prior to 1989. No Eddy current testing is required on the new 6061 Alloy Aluminum cylinders. DOT requires the Vis Plus test only on the old alloy cylinders. If you have been paying for Vis Plus on your newer aluminum cylinders, come see us and get proper service.

How Atomic equipment works